Friday, October 26, 2007

Concept Map for Blog 2

Here is a draft of my concept map on obesity. Please let me know if you think anything else should be added to this figure.


James Neill said...

Hi Jessica,

I think the content is here is a valuable and broad-ranging conceptualisation of the social psychology of obesity.

I'm not sure about the way its structured hierarchical in the flow-chart style. It seems to imply a bottom-up / top-down connection of concepts which would seem to be better represented as being fanned out (e.g., nodes with multiple 1st-level connections - e.g., using a concept mapping tool such as MindMeister.

Just a thought - i.e., basically, I think the structure could better represent the concepts.

Jessica said...

Hi James,

Thanks for your feedback on my concept map. I see where you are coming from in regards to its structure (and I didn't realise that it might imply a bottom-up/top-down connection, so I'm glad you pointed that out to me). As per your suggestion, I have transfered the content of this map into a MindMeister Map, so hopefully this has aided in the structure and presentation of the info. Please let me know if you agree.

Anonymous said...

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