Monday, August 20, 2007

Blog 1 Topic

Hello all!

Well, due to my indecisive nature, I am now thinking about doing my first blog entry on question eight, focusing on the social self. Initially, this was the first question that actually appealed to me, however, I was somewhat apprehensive to tackle it. It’s not everyday you sit down and write about who you are, and why you are the way you are. I have been reading about some social psychological theories which I might discuss in my first blog. Hopefully, by making references to these theories and constructs, I might shed some light on the variables which have shaped my social self. Here are some initial thoughts:

• Self-discrepancy theory (actual, ought and ideal selves)
• Self-perception theory
• Social comparison theory
• Self-concept
• Social Identity
• Self-esteem
• Situational differences and attributions
• Self-schema theory
• Social Roles
• Motives
• Social Feedback
• Looking Glass Self


James Neill said...

This is a very good list of things which are relevant/appropriate to this question. Basically, this question is a chance for you to demonstrate your knowledge of such concepts using yourself as an example. It is a challenging question - bravo for tackling it.

kayeb said...

that sounds like a very interesting question indeed - i would be too scared to see what i would discover about myself, so all the best. i think those points look good though and i reckon you will do a good job on this topic

James Neill said...

hi jessica - i really like how you've added the sidebox tracking your comments - how did you do that?

Jessica said...

Hi James,

I simply inserted the blogger text box feature and created links to my various comments, as well as comments from others. It's definately a helpful way of keeping track of your interactions with other people.