Saturday, September 22, 2007

How healthy is your lifestyle?

Hi Everyone,

Since my blog two topic is on obesity, I thought I would post a link to a quiz which focuses on how healthy one's lifestyle is. It encompasses factors such as diet, exercise and sleep, and once you have completed the test, it outlines what areas you need to improve on. I took the test, and it definitely opened my eyes in regards to what unhealthy lifestyle behaviours I engage in and where I need improvement. The test also provides a number of useful links to information and resources, including tips for lifestyle improvement and a BMI calculator. If you would like to take the test, please find the link below.

The Healthy Lifestyle Quiz


Michelle said...

Hi Jess, I completed the quiz and i'm on track for a healthy lifestyle with some need for improvement 'hey we can always improve in something!'. It was interesting and certainly a topical item to address. Good luck with it, if you want to complete my communication skills quiz goto my blogsite http//blogger.michelle-social I welcome your feedback. I look forward to reading more of your research on this topic.
Good luck Jess

Kara said...

Hey jess! Just did the quizz.. Thought it was pretty cool! I have alot of areas I need to improve on!! hehe!! I liked the fact that it was a wholistic quizz which included a variety of areas that contribute to a 'healthy' life style! very interesting!

Jess said...

Hi Jess,
I did the quiz and am on my way to a healthy lifestyle but another website that you may be interested in is
It determines if you are biologically younger, older,
or the same as your calendar age by completing a test and it produces a personalized plan to help you feel younger (if needed) and a list of what’s making you younger or older. hope it helps!!

Keith Henderson said...

G'day Jessica,

Loved the quiz, I'm alright unless I have a big weekend drinking which uses up my alcohol quota for the month!
As the quiz states, BMI alone is not an accurate indicator of physical health. A physical examination needs to be conducted to take into account body shape, muscle mass, and body fat etc.

Good luck,


Steven said...

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LeaMikhaela said...

hello there..i would love to take the test also,i want to know how healthy is my lifestyle if it is good or not

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