Friday, October 5, 2007

Childhood Obesity: An Epidemic

Hi All,

Since my last post focused on childhood obesity, I thought I would follow it up with this video which focuses on the epidemic of childhood obesity. In this video, Dr. Hyman discusses the obesity epidemic in relation to the research of Dr Ludwig, discussing key concepts such as the physical and psychological impacts that obesity has on children, the role of junk food advertising, processed foods, sedentary behaviours (such as watching television), suggestions on how to fight the obesity epidemic and some very alarming childhood obesity statistics. If you have any thoughts on the issues covered in this video, please let me know.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Some interesting and scary facts in the video.

It was good to hear the promotion of the Low GI diet,( ). I think a lot of problems result from counting calories, cutting the carbs and banning particular foods. What's good about the low Gi diet I think is it's emphasis on balance and quality foods. This is essential in teaching healthy eating practices to children.

The emphasis of play for children as opposed to exercise is also a great idea. If parents get behind this idea i think it also benefit's them as they can get involved and kick a ball etc with their children.

I guess a lot about or eating practices are learned and if we can emphasis the importance of establishing a healthy lifestyle and eating practice's than perhaps childhood obesity will decrease.